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VCEC can provide its clients with a number of essential HSE services

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            Internal H&S and/or Environmental Auditor Courses

            System and Operational Audits

            In-house HSE Training

            System Development

            Preparation and Submission of Applications to Regulatory Authorities

            Air Emission Modeling

            Occupational Hygiene Reviews

                                  Internal H&S and/or Environmental  Auditor Courses           

Courses are run in-house and use the company's own operations in courses exercises. The courses can cover either H&S auditing, environmental auditing or both.
  • Learn how to identify H&S and Environmental hazards in the workplace
  • Become familiar with H&S and Environmental systems and what should be in implemented
  • Learn how to collect information, conduct interviews and prepare findings
  • 2 - 4 day duration, depending on company's needs
  • Use of  exercises throughout the course to reinforce the training material and provide practical experience
  • Course notes and reading material provided for study and future reference
  • Certificate of attendance showing the course topics covered by attendees 
  • Maximum of 12 students per session
NOTE: ISO14001 was reissued in September 2015. VCEC ran upgrade courses in late 2015 comparing the new Standard to the previous version. Due to demand, an additional course has been booked for the 17th February 2016.

All previous students will receive a discount ! 

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System and Operational Audits

  • System audits (ISO14001, AS4801, OHSAS18001)
  • HSE risk and hazards identification and assessment of controls
  • Legal compliance
  • Victorian EPA 53V Facilities Audits

In-house HSE Training

Staff HSE Awareness: 
  • awareness of organisation's HS&E requirements
  • legislative responsibilities
  • workplace risks and risk minimization methods

Manager Awareness:
  • Legal responsibilities and liabilities
  • Corporate due diligence requirements
  • Need for and operation of HSE Systems

In-house Field Inspections:
  • What are H&S and/or environmental hazard?
  • Field inspection to identify H&S and/or environmental hazards in the workplace
  • In-house reporting requirements

In-house training can be tailored for a company's specific needs

System Development

  • Development of H&S, Environmental or Integrated Systems
  • Development of system procedures, emergency procedures and workplace work instructions

Preparation and Submission of Applications to Regulatory Authorities

  • Preparation of Works Approval and Licence applications to EPA
  • Review and update of licenses

Air Emission Modeling

  • AERMOD (US EPA model adopted by the Victorian EPA as of 1st January 2014)

Occupation Hygiene Reviews

  • Assessment of worker exposure  to contaminants or noise
  • Workplace occupational hazard assessment
  • Workplace noise surveys and development of controls
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